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Family Vacation Ideas - Introduction

Family vacations can be relaxing, adventurous and joyful-a special time to be playful and to experience each other differently, away from home.

There is nothing as much fun as traveling with children and experiencing the world through their eyes. Even traveling to places you have been many times before-when returning with children-the familiar is suddenly "new.” Children have such innocent eyes and notice that which we often take for granted. They have such heart felt expression. To see the world through the eyes of our children is a whole new experience.

Family vacations can also be disasters-with whining children, family bickering and bad weather.

Vacationing with the kids can put your organizational skills-and patience-to the test. There are transportation, accommodations, attractions and expenses to consider. And making the most of the experience can mean different things to different family members (you want to relax on the beach; little Jackson wants to hit the amusement park).
Realistic expectations and careful planning are the keys to an enjoyable family vacation. Involving your kids in the planning-even younger children-builds excitement and makes them feel valued.

Good family vacations don't just happen. They are usually well planned and the result of compromises between all family members. Think ahead about possible roadblocks and difficulties, and try to iron out as many of these issues as you can beforehand. Be creative, establish a budget and be sure to set some limits about behavior and expectations prior to hitting the road!

Vacations are a great way for families to spend time together. Whether you can afford to go on a whirlwind tour of Europe or only get away for the day, vacations are an important part of family life.

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